Former Colorado football player T.J. Cunningham fatally shot in dispute


AURORA, Colo. (AP) — A man fatally shot in the dispute more than a parking room was a good assistant primary for Aurora Public Colleges and a previous football participant at the College of Co who was drawn up by the Seattle Seahawks.

Arapahoe County sheriff’s office spokeswoman Deborah Sherman says 46-year-old Anthony “T. J. inch Cunningham passed away Monday.

Government bodies say 31-year-old Marcus Manley is being kept on a first-degree murder cost. They say Manley shot Cunningham Sunday within a parking great deal between 2 schools.

Hinkley High School’s website listings Cunningham being an assistant primary.

Cunningham was obviously a receiver plus defensive in college. This individual briefly was obviously a member of the Seahawks within 1996 prior to injuries finished his actively playing career.

College of Co athletic movie director Rick George said Cunningham was the alum great death is really a tragic reduction.

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